Endpoint Manager - Videophone Recommendation

Can anyone make a recommendation of a videophone that is well supported in EPM?
I have been looking at several Grandstream and Yealink models but they don’t seem to be on the list.
Is EPM still being actively developed?

Opinion: EPM is a horrible solution that no one wants to maintain. Not even Sangoma phones are full GUI for the various functions.

You can forget about anything beyond basic BLF or speed dial with any other phone.

You can jump through hoops to make it do what you want, but by the time you learn that much, you can just write the config files yourself.

The official stance, that has been posted in the past, on third party phones is that the vendor has to request the add of new devices and sign an agreement.

I have used it in the past for other phones and it has worked well.
I guess at this point every phone but a Sangoma phone is, by definition, a third party phone?
But thanks…

If your needs are simple Line, BLF, and speed dial, It works great.

So I was told by someone in Yealink that: 'We do not have plan to work with FreePBX about VP59, because they have their own phone products and ask for a high price for the integration of the third party products."
If that is how third party manufacturers deal with EPM I wonder if the whole EPM thing is going to implode (except of course for Sangoma Phones).

Sangoma is working on rebooting EPM.

Our official stand towards working with 3rd party vendors is that FreePBX EPM is open to all vendors.
We are already working to rebuild vendor relations that have been neglected over last few years.

@sorvani is very outspoken on EPM deficiencies. We are listening!
He has already provided valuable feedback to us on how to make it better and more valuable to the FreePBX community.

Much more to come… soon…





Nenad, is submitting feature requests in issues.freepbx.org still a good place for suggestions for EPM?
Also anything else the community can do to help?

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