Endpoint manager update not good

Commercial Endpoint Manager and Yealink firmware 1.03 has bricked my T46G

Noticed the T46G firmware version in the 1.03 pack isn’t even listed on the Yealink website yet…

It took 30+ minutes for the firmware to install.

.197 firmware is still not on the Yealink site

The firmware came direct from Yealink to resolve lots of issues we were having.

Sorry we can not control how long the phone takes to install firmware buts its firmware right from Yealinks FTP site.

No worries (now). Never had a firmware update take so long on this model phone, just need to learn patience.

I had noticed a few glitches, I’ll look things over well and submit appropriate bugs/issues as I come across them.

Just make sure if they are bugs related to the phone itself you open them with yealink. We have no control over phone side things. Only the config files.

If you are doing TFTP over the internet it can take an eternity. My boss updated my firmware and I live across the country and it took forever (a good 4 hours). Its the nature of the beast (TFTP)

PS: my boss is Tony :slight_smile:

I hate when my boss does stuff like that. :wink:

I submitted a bug, that was fun!

EPM is not generating data from the template in the EXP40 section into the final cfg file

You guys have just have to keep Tony Busy. I guess residents of the far north have a lot of time on their hands this time of year. Happy New Year, everybody!