Endpoint manager takes very long to display extension mapping

when we set a template to use the internal address for registration and external address for loading the config, it takes a very long time for the freepbx gui to display extension settings. when i say a very long time, we have seen times of 4 minutes or longer.
we use a session border controller at many of our sites. we set the global epm settings to have both the external ip address of the pbx as well as the internal ip address of the SBC. in the template for the phones we use the internal ip address for the destination address and the external address for the provisioning server.
when displaying the extension mapping in the endpoint manager, the system takes a very long time to display the screen. if, once the extension mapping screen is displayed, we leave that screen, go to any other screen and then come back to the extension mapping screen, it again takes a very long time to display.

In EPM Global Settings, disabling “Extension Mapping IP Addresses” and/or “Extension Mapping Phone Status” can reduce Extension Mapping display times.

Yes to what Lorne said. Otherwise if you have those enabled the PBX has to parse asterisk for every single extension and get its current status and IP which can take along time.

turning those setting off does improve performance, but i am amazed that a system with only six extensions can be so impacted.

It has to parse one at a time through AMi so very slow.