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Endpoint Manager - Snom D745

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How can i have the Snom D745 added to the Endpoint Manager ?


(Vincent) #2

I’m in the same boat, is there a way to manually add the Snom D745 to the endpoint manager?

(TheJames) #3

(Jared Busch) #4

With EPM, it also comes down to is the phone vendor has renewed their contract and also included that model in their contract.

(Vincent) #5

I opened a ticket (896440) as suggested by @jfinstrom. Hopefully we see it soon.

Is there any way to manually create or update models of phones in the EPM? I’m currently editing files generated by the template for a different model but of course I end up with problems when I forget to edit the firmware location and the phone tries to install wrong model firmware.

(Jared Busch) #6

Nope, that is the best solution. I do the same for a Yealink model that is not included in EPM.

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