Endpoint Manager sip.cfg problem

I switched my system last week from AsteriskNOW to the FreePBX Distro, and when I came to provisioning phones, my phones would keep power cycling after the “Processing Configuration” screen.

I am running a fully updated 64bit FreePBX distro with Asterisk 11.3. My Phones are Polycom IP650s and IP670s. I use the default configs for the phones, just assign an extension, reboot the phones, and then they keep rebooting.

I updated the bootROM to 4.3.1 and SoundPoint IP SIP to 3.2.7, rebuilt the configs, but same thing.

Long story short, I found that if I replace the sip.cfg file with the one that comes from the SoundPoint SIP updated zip after configuring the phones, it works.

Is there something I am doing wrong? Is there a way I should I tell endpoint manager to use the new sip.cfg file? Why didn’t it work by default before I messed around with updating the SIP version?

Yup just got caught by the ftp vs tftp thing the other day.

Don’t know how I missed it, but I hadn’t switched the phones from FTP to Trivial FTP. Did that and now everything is working perfectly. Thanks again for help.

For anyone else with constantly rebooting phones, you might also have a pre 4.0 SIP/UC Software version. This isn’t exactly how I did it, but I think you could just download and extract the Polycom Upgrader Utility into the tftpboot folder and configure at least one of each type of phone on your system so that Endpoint Manager will populate the tftpboot folder with the rest of the necessary files. Then reboot every phone and once they have finished updating, remove the *bootrom.ld files. The new phone interface is a little different, but look for the provisioner settings under the advanced networking settings and make sure it is set for TFTP.

You are using extremely old firmware. The 650 and 670 should be on SIP APPLICATION 4.0.3! Even 3.3.3 would do (as that is when the configuration changes were made by polycom and they were huge) but you are on 3.2.7. Very old.

I dont know where you updated from but thats really old.

See this for more information: http://downloads.polycom.com/voice/voip/sip_sw_releases_matrix.html

I had gone to the download page for my phones and found what looked like the latest SIP release, in this case 3.2.7 from June 1 2012: http://support.polycom.com/PolycomService/support/us/support/voice/soundpoint_ip/soundpoint_ip650.html
But that matrix page makes it looks pretty clear that I should be using 4.0.3. I’ll give it a try on Monday. The link for it on that matrix page isn’t working, but I’ll see if I can find it.

You can download the firmware through endpoint manager. Which is the recommended way.

I think that is what I did when I first tried to set up the system, before I did the manual updates to see if that would fix anything, but I’ll try again.

So, as I’ve messed with the files in tftpboot by doing a manual SIP upgrade, to try using the Enpoint Manager for a SIP upgrade I’ve done the following:

chown -R asterisk:asterisk /tftpboot/
chwon -R 77 /tftpboot/logs/
Uninstalled ‘Polycom’ from the End Point Configuration Manager
Checked for Updates
Installed Polycom and enabled 650 and 670
Rebuilt the configs for my phones using the default template for the 650 and 670
Reboot… and they keep rebooting

If I look in the app logfile, these stick out: “Watchdog Expired: tFatalErr” and “RAM disk NOT created: Error retrieving ramdisk.enable configuration parameter” and then a Tech Support Dump. The same thing that was happening before that I found replacing the (v3.2.7) sip.cfg file was able to fix.

Thanks for the prompt help thus far

I’ve followed the instructions and used the upgrader utility to update the ‘BootROM’ to ‘Updater’ 5.0.3 and ‘SIP’ to ‘UC Software’ to 4.0.3 (the changes in terminology is a little confusing).

Now the phones boot up super fast but the screen stays at “…ndPoint IP” as the only Line and wont load my configurations. I’ve deleted the tftpboot folder from doing the upgrade and let endpoint manager repopulate it with new phone configs, but the phones don’t seem to be taking them. I’ve double checked network and provisioner settings, and they look OK. I’ve tried the “Update Configuration…” menu item, but doesn’t do anything either…

You sure that tftp is setup and working and that your server hasnt blocked the phones.


tftpboot port 69

and reboot the phone. see if there is activity.