Endpoint Manager showing endpoint IP address (says Show AOR)



Using Sangoma S505 with EPM, (EPM > Extension Mapping) the IP Address says “Show AOR”, which does show the IP address, however how do i get the IP address to show up without needing to click Show AOR.

We do have settings enabled:
EPM > Global Settings > Extension Mapping IP Addresses = ON
EPM > Global Settings > Extension Mapping Phone Status = ON

Any ideas?

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At present you can’t. This change allows the admin to see all AORs registered to the extension endpoint, as PJSIP allows more than a single device reg per extension. There has been a community suggestion that if there is only a single AOR, that it be displayed directly instead of the button, but that has not been incorporated yet.


Kinda odd, Grandstream UCM shows them, a “on hover” feature would work better, however one of the main reasons this screen would be used is to find an endpoint device to fix something so a single window without having to click AOR on every single extension to find the IP address.

I take on board you can have more than a single endpoint per extension, however the vast majority have 1 or 2, which this area is large enough to show, more could be seen on a “onHover” event via HTML


From a root shell prompt:
asterisk -rx "pjsip show aors" | grep 1234
where 1234 is the extension for which you want the IP address.


We are going to submit a feature request, this should be in the GUI, i can only allow engineers access to the web UI

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In the GUI, browse to Admin -> Asterisk CLI and get the result of:

pjsip show contacts
pjsip show contacts like 6003

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