Endpoint Manager setup with Sangoma is asking for payment


I bought a bunch of Sangoma phones for the sole purpose of having it easily connected to the EPM of FreePBX.

I spun off a VPS on OPL, the only EU official host for FreePBX, updated all the modules and am trying to use Endpoint Manager just for Sangoma.

However, when I click on Settings > Endpoint Manager

I get the following message:

But I’m not interested in buying it, I’m interested it using it only for Sangoma phones.

Thank you in advance

What version of EPM?

fwconsole ma list | grep endpoint

It’s version 14.0.37

Weird. Open a Support Ticket for FreePBX Commercial Modules if you can, otherwise under Phone Hardware.

Doing a yum update over an SSH session did the trick

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