Endpoint Manager Road map, Features and questions etc


Is there a roadmap someone can share on the plans for EPM?
I have specific features that might be addresses in future releases, consider these feature requests:

Here is a list of features that I need to use EPM with my customers:

  1. Ability to program essential features on buttons or in some cases (Cisco comes to mind) softkeys: (where available on specific vendors and models)

Transfer, BlindTransfer, TransfertoVM, Park, Park List, Voicemail/Visual Voicemail, as well as existing BLF BLF/Xfer

Here are specific examples I need addressed:

  1. Aastra XML scripts, the manual says (page 12) they are included, but I cannot see them anywhere. it also references an XML user guide? the manual also states one must use full URL for XML apps if using freepbx systems, however the examples do not show that.

  2. Cisco SPA5XX series phones have the ability to program softkeys with functions like Park, would be great to expose that in EPM.

Some general observations, in Cisco’s default config the softkeys shown in the connected state, specifically the hold and end call softkey, those are redundant as all the Cisco phones have a dedicated hold button, so having the ability to template those with items like Transfer, Park, BlindTransfer etc is key to actually using those phones with EPM in the field.

I will remind developers we in the field are buying this to deploy in commercial settings and need basic features without having to manually program the phones, or tweak config files that should be point of EPM.

Currently what I am resorting to (using the Cisco Phones) is using EPM to setup basic features that EPM supports and then modifying the cfg files for specific features that are needed.

for Aastra, I am now installing XML scripts to see if that will allow me to use EPM with them…

I am also about to test Yealnk as I have a client who is looking to deploy 20 of those, hopefully I will have full features with EPM and Yealink.