EndPoint Manager reseting network settings?

I set my phones to VLAN ID 2, and they all got DHCP from the proper subnet. But then I did some more profile and template modifications and now I find everything has reverted to my default VLAN, and the VLAN field was wiped on all my phones? Now, it may not have been EPM, but that’s the only thing I see having the ability to affect all of them at once.

Is this something I can change back using EPM, possibly by modifying the basefiles for the phone model (Snom 715’s)?

Further investigation shows this is the root of some of my other issues as well. If the phone is provisioned using EPM then the phones get reset after the second restart:
Phones are plugged in as factory default.

  1. Phones have VLAN ID set to 2 (for Voice LAN) and pull the proper DHCP address (and this continues to work after a restart of the phone)
  2. Phones are configured via web to use the FreePBX provided TFTP server for provisioning.
  3. After provisioning (and the restart) the phones revert to untagged.
  4. Program the VLAN again on the phone (either via web or via phone console) and restart. Phone will come up properly on VLAN 2.
  5. Restart the phone again, and VLAN field is cleared and phones default to regular (untagged) LAN.

Not sure where in EPM this is controlled/set/fixed. Anyone have any ideas?

Use the Basefile Edit feature for your model(s).

For my Digium, the VLAN settings are in the <config> section already, for my SPA (Linksys/Sapura/Cisco Small Business), I had to add:


For other phones, you might need to use a DHCP option, or an LLDP-MED/CDP policy push from a smart switch.

In either case, you should probably get your setup to work with a factory configuration from boot up rather than manually setting anything on the device and expecting an automated provisioning system to not make undesired changes.

I did end up editing the basefile to add the VLAN ID and that looks good. It just caught me completely by surprise as the Polycom phones don’t behave that way (I’ve always used Polycoms before so my experience is limited). But getting that entered there seems to have resolved everything.

I would love to do the DHCP option, but it looks like the UBNT routers require a lot of work to get that working, which seems not high in value for a dozen phones (and where new phones aren’t likely to be showing up at any point soon).