Endpoint manager renewal problem

EndPoint Manager 13.0.113

Following my upgrade ro 64bit, EPM module renewal function is trying to sell me a license rather than a renewal even though Sys Admin displays the correct information on activation.

Can’t seem to create a ticket so I am posting here rather than just suffer. Sangoma web site is a jungle. Hit or miss to do anything. Never seem to be able to figure out where I am or where to go. Support has no links to main site. Think I may have two logins but info is so similar on both I can’t figure out which is primary. Hard to talk to a human. Major frustration.

Is there a difference in price?

Yep, $149 vs twenty something.

Both support.sangoma.com and portal.sangoma.com are working exactly as expected for me. I just confirmed I can login, and create a ticket of type “Customer Service & Billing” with no problem.

Steps to renew module license(s):

Lorne, To begin with, Notice that one has to figure out to look under “Partners”. I am not a partner. Why not a login link at the top level with what ever choices are necessary?

PS: Endpoint is not on the list which is likely the problem.

You sure you are licensed for EPM on your box.

Extremely! See above.

K well work with support at this point

Thanks. Upgraded to v14 and it is the same. Thankfully, Endpoint installed OK and is running. Renew is the same. Will call next week.

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