Endpoint Manager Reg Server Update

I have a FreePBX Distro box that I have been working on configuring, and had Endpoint Manager working for my Polycom 501 phones. I had to move the box onto another network, and have updated the internal and external ip’s on the PBX settings. But now my config files for my phones is still showing the old ip address for the reg.1.server.1.address= in the ext.cfg files in the /tftpboot. Is there a trick to getting EPM to detect the ip change and update the files? I tried rebuilding configs from the EPM ext manager, but didn’t change anything. Deleted extension and re-created, gave same old ip as well. Suggestions? I’m not above editing files from cli, just need to know where this bugger is stored. Thanks


In the template it will show what IP is being used. Go change that.

In the polycom legacy template (which is what my 501’s use) for reg.1.server.1.address it is set to %line1Dest%.

GO into the template of EPM in the GUI and change the IP address that you have defined in the template.

Doh! I was going to the basefile edit for the template, not the template config. Thank you so much.