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Asterisk 13.27.1
Queues version

Trying to create a queue login BLF to roll out to multiple phones. I have been reading quite a few threads and posts on this issue.

Phones are Yealink T46s and T46G.

Using a BLF button with *45501 does indeed log them into the queue, but no hint is generated for the lamp.

Tried using variables such as *45_line1Ext_ and 45line1ext*600 but none of this works.

I have read the Wiki and I have seen:

Queue Agent Login Toggle (Single Queue with Hint)

  • Dynamic agents can log into or out of a specific queue by dialing * 45yyyyxxxx* where xxxx is the queue number and yyyy is the user’s extension.

However, wouldn’t I have to build an EPM template for every phone?

Help appreciated.


for BLF button and hint that logs user into all queues use:


for generic in template, use value:


(note the double underscores around var)

Thank you.

Really what I am trying to achieve is to have certain users log in to a specific queue (501) using one value in EPM for their template. Your solution will work if their is no way to achieve what I want.

Also, when I use your method described above, after I log the user into the queue, it shows that that user is on the phone on all other phones.

Once a user is in a queue, it will always show that they are in a call to other users?


Then the BLF should be:


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