Endpoint Manager Questions

I have the Endpoint Manager on my PBX and have never gotten around to playing with it until today. I understand enough about it to (I believe) have it configured and ready for my test phone to get configured.

I’ve read the wiki and watched the video and have a couple of questions.

The problem I have is I don’t know how the phones get this configuration. Is it TFTP? Is the Endpoint Manager just managing a TFTP structure on my PBX? If it is then I don’t see any of my configurations sitting in the tftpboot folder.

typically the phones have a provisioning address you point it to.

But is it TFTP using the tftpboot folder?

They are all stored in /tftpboot yes.

Interesting, I don’t see a single Polycom file in my tftp folder on this new server, only the default stuff that came with FreePBX

Those files get created when you add extensions and MAC addresses to extension mapping inside End Point Manager.

I did on both, not sure why I don’t see anything in there.

do the extensions show up in the end point manager? i assume you did create a template for the polycom phones and installed the firmware? polycom bootrom and sip application files are very large. it takes forever to install them.

In Endpoint Manager, i can set my Polycom VVX 300 phones to display “Name”, “Extension”, or “Name-Extension”. It seems to be a limitation of the phones that they’ll truncate the extension if the name was too long.

I was wondering if there was a way to set it to be “Extension-Name”. At leas then people could get the gist of who’s sitting there, and see the entire 4-digit extension.

you can probably modify the base file (base file edit) or cheat and in the name field in the extension setting put the test you want (1000-mary smith) and just display the name in the emp settings.