Endpoint Manager - Provision Polycom over HTTP


I have FreePBX hosted on a VM in the cloud. I bought the Endpoint Manager Module to manage Polycom phones.

I’m having an issue with mapping extensions to Polycom phone using HTTP instead of TFTP since the server and the phones are not on the same network.

You can set a custom provisioning URL in Endpoint Manager if needed. Your provisioning url takes the form:

http://username:[email protected]:port

The username and password are as set in System Admin, Provisioning Protocols and the prov port is as set in System Admin, Port Management.

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Where can I set that up?

In the polycom template select custom for provisioning server address then input that. Every time you re-save you will have to select internal then custom again or it will switch it from HTTP to TFTP.

I followed your instructions but TFTP won’t go away even after switching from Internal to Custom…

Everytime you save it will look like its on TFTP next page load but it will be on http unless you save again. It’s actually a bug I haven’t had time to report. Double check the /tftpboot/ files for that MAC if you want to make sure its working or just try provisioning and see what the phone says.

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