Endpoint Manager: Provision Custom Application <appconfig> via Basefile edit

This is a deployment of 20 or so D40’s D70’s and D60’s which are being (have been) migrated from an old v12 installation that is no longer viable. The phones and app deployment were managed by the Digium Phone Module in this instance.

The Digium phones were initially chosen for their ability to run custom applications built on the Digium Phone API. FreePBX (at that time AsteriskNOW) was a no brainer. Clunky but fantastic!

All phones run a custom CRM application developed in house.

The new installation (15.0.23) is running well and all phones have been provisioned via EPM, however we have not yet found a way to include the custom application within the provisioning XML. This means all phones at the moment have had the zip pushed manually. This is not a viable solution other than in the very very short term.

DPMA is being used for provisioning.

I have been trying now for several weeks but have not found a solution. I do not want to script or manually interact with /etc/asterisk/dpma/phone_configs/*/*.cfg

There is allowance for loading custom applications within the D-Series provisioning specification (XML Configuration 2.9.15+), however as far as I can tell, there is no way to get the Basefile editor to do what is needed.

What i need is the following XML to be generated or able to be included somewhere.

    <appconfig id="mycustomapp">
        <url url="http://server.example.com/myapp.zip" />
        <auto_start />

EPM Basefile documentation is not great, but as far as I am aware, I have read everything there is to read.

We have tried the following with no success

  • GUI Combinations of Section (TOP), Parameter and value (PARENT)
  • Poking around and modifying the DB (endpoint_basefiles) directly

Many thanks in advance, long long time viewer, first time poster


Surely there is an answer to this as custom applications are (were a) major/unique selling point right?

In order to do this using basefile edit, you would need to add a new top level section like this:

which results in this being generated:

  <appconfig id="mycustomapp">
  </appconfig id="mycustomapp">

Problem one is the closing tag is not being generated properly (but may actually work if the phone parses it correctly). Once you start adding params to the this new section, the XML is completely messed up.

Unless it’s possible to include a separate file that you can edit independently, I don’t see a supported way of making this change with EPM. Suggest opening a feature request https://issues.freepbx.org/

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