Endpoint Manager Problems


I am trying to get an XML script specified in Commercial Endpoint manager but the value never appears in the configuration file… Selecting XML removes the place where you can put the script name? The XML-API works, but I don’t have that licensed module and wanted to stick with the Aastra scripts which I know work… I can manually set it up on the phone web interface, but not from the EPM.
Also – it seems that semicolons are removed from the values. When doing Parking using the Aastra “Park” type, I typically do asterisk;70 in the value. It ends up as asterisk70 in the .cfg file which isn’t right. What is the propert way to specify a button to park a call in this scenario?

I need to second this, I try to use XML as a button type and put in all the information, but upon submission the value goes away and it never gets written to the cfg file, the phone shows invalid uri.