Endpoint Manager Problem

Trying to get endpoint manager working right now on just one phone. A cisco SPA 525G2. I have everything setup correctly I believe and it can see the phone, reboot the phone, and tftp is working. I have in the phone config the tftp address under profile rule. It wont provision? I do notice that endpoint manager is creating a xml file and not a cfg file for the phone. so pointing the phone to


just isn’t doing anything? There are a lot of steps here I get it but im lost. If someone could help it would be appreciated. Im not sure what other info you need?



here is the file it is pointed 2

<!--Configuration automatically generated via the EndPoint Module
    <!-- The Phone will load up this file first -->
    <!-- Don't put anything else into this file except the two lines below! It will never be referenced again! -->
    <!-- Trick the Phone into loading a specific file for JUST that phone -->
    <!-- Set the resync to 3 seconds so it reboots automatically, we set this to 86400 seconds in the other file -->

It does provision the phone to rsync 3 but nothing else? So its like a file with the actual provision settings is not being generated? How can it provision the phone when it just downloads the above file? Maybe if I had a better understanding of how it worked I could get it up and running. I have had it working last year but the xml file was long and it had all of the settings it was going to provision in the file.

Endpoint manager bug. Endpoint manager will not generate a cfg file in the tftpboot directory for the template spa525g2. It is broken. Using spa525g works fine?