Endpoint Manager - Polycom VVX 500 persistant volume

FreePBX Distro: 4.211.64-5-i386
Asterisk: 11.4.0
Commercial Endpoint Manager:

I’m trying to figure out how to make the volume on Polycom VVX 500’s persist from call to call. By default it resets to the default level after each call. From what I found I need to add the following to the config files:

voice.volume.persist.handset=“1” voice.volume.persist.headset=“1” voice.volume.persist.handsfree=“1”

I tried adding these in basefile edit under the MAC-Features.cfg, but just can not get it to work.

Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.


Figured it out. In the Basefile Edit, in MAC-Features.cfg, I had to add three new settings, with the attribute of voice, the parameters of volume.persist.handset, volume.persist.headset, and volume.persist.handsfree, and the value of 1.

You beat me to it. Was just going to respond with how to set that up.

Hi Dave, i cannot figures it out like you where to put this setting. I don’t see MAC-Features.cgc at all. here what i see in end point configuration manager ;

Template Name: IP550
Product Line: SoundPoint/Station/VVX In-Production Models
Clone of Model:
Display Line settings on this page (Note: This is NOT the number of supported lines on the phone(s))
Edit Global Settings Overrides: Edit

Select Alternative File Configurations for: $mac_reg.cfg '; '; '; '; '; '; Edit
Select Alternative File Configurations for: sip.cfg '; '; '; '; '; '; Edit

Edit File Configurations for: $mac.cfg Edit
Edit File Configurations for: contacts/000000000000-directory.xml Edit
Edit File Configurations for: logs/$mac-app.log Edit
Edit File Configurations for: logs/$mac-boot.log Edit
Edit File Configurations for: overrides/$mac-phone.cfg Edit

if your able to help, it will be appreciate


Hi Tony, i cannot figure it out where to put this line. i have freepbx PBX Firmware: 4.211.64-6
PBX Service Pack:

with 15 polycom phone 550 and 331 ;

We have to set volume on each call, if i go on end point configuration manager, what file i have to modify and where ???

And on the meantime ;

on every phone i have setup, language in french, headset on plantronics, echo canceller at on, and if phone restart, all config gone, i have to reconfigure all phone.

Your help will be appreciate at this point, i have several trixbox out there to change on freepbx but i need a good setup before