Endpoint Manager - Per User Line Buttons Configuration


I have just purchased Endpoint Manager. It works really well, thanks to those who worked on this.

There is 1 thing I can’t figure out - How do I configure the spare line buttons to be BLF speed dials please? I can only see these options on a template level that will apply them to all phones. We would like to configure some users to have customised line buttons.

Many Thanks

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From my understanding, you would need to create different templates for the different configurations you would want. Obviously, you start to lose the ease of configuration, because any global changes would need to be made to all of the templates. But when each extensions is customized, that’s how it would have to be. You start losing the benefit of the EPM if each extensions is different, because you might as well just configure them directly in the phone.

Go to Settings > EPM > Global Settings > “Admin UCP for All” to “Yes”
Then, in EPM > Extension Mapping, select extension you want to customize and clickimage
See Different Buttons for Extensions of Same Endpoint Manager Model and https://wiki.freepbx.org/display/FPG/EPM-Admin+User+Guide#EPM-AdminUserGuide-CustomExtensionManagement


In addition to what @jerryriggin said, users can manage their own buttons:

Wow. I’m glad I was wrong. Question, what happens if the global template is changed? With either a line change that conflicts with the user changed setting, or a new line button altogether?

The per user setting overrides the template on a per button basis.

Is there an easy way to reset all customized extensions back to the template?

Read the documentation and play with it. This is all covered in the documentation.


jerryriggin - I will give that a try. Thanks
lgaetz - Thanks for that. However many of our phones are linked to users or to uses who don’t have a PC.

Thanks for the help folks.

HI Jerry - thanks for the help. It works a treat!


Hi Tony,

Any chance of getting the ability to set a variable in the button label so it will pick up the name of an extension so when the extension name changed the button label will update as well? see feature request FREEPBX-15777

It’s been a feature for years. See this page:

edit - I may have misunderstood your request …

that only works if the button type is a line…we need it to work for the button label when it is a BLF or BLF/XFR type

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