Endpoint manager not reporting stats on PJSIP extensions

Looks like endpoint manager-extension mapping is not reporting IP address and status on endpoints that are connected via PJSIP, CHANSIP endpoints are showing this info.

Reports- Asterisk Info-Peers does show IP address and RTT

This occurs on 2 different servers, all up to the latest build. Can anyone else verify?



I haven’t been around for a while, but the last time that I checked, PJSIP was still experimental. Is that not the case any longer?

asterisk-version-switch run on freepbx 12 reports it as EXPERIMENTAL but with freepbx 13 there is no such designation - if you want to use it in production use it in conjuction with FreePBX 13

At this point, I am going to have to say PJSIP is not ready for primetime. I’ve been trying to use it but just run into too many roadblocks. Cisco 79xx series (old) phones will not register, Grandstream phones I have tried will not register and trunk connections to Vitelity will not connect. The only bright spot I have found is that Yealink phones will register.

All of it works with CHANSIP. YMMV.

We see this issue also. All our endpoints are PJSIP, about 5 of 60 phones show the IP. I do not see any common cause.

Please test this with 13.0.16.

We are trying to find the reasoning, but cannot re-create the issue.

A bit of round and round on this one and the situation is as follows:

EPM gets its extension status directly from Asterisk. For extensions registered local to the PBX, Asterisk reports the local IP address of each endpoint. For extensions registered across the internet, Asterisk only reports the external IP. If you have multiple endpoints registered from a single external IP (i.e. all behind the same router) then Asterisk does not differentiate which endpoint is registered to which. This is true for PJSIP in Asterisk 13, it is possible that things might change in the future.

Long story short, the status reporting of PJSIP extensions in Endpoint Manager is as good as it is going to get, at least in the near term.

Maybe I’m wrong but it looks like Endpoint isn’t correctly parsing whatever data it’s getting regarding PJSIP registrations. I have the same issue. Some report OK, other are blank but some show IPs for phones that aren’t registered in Endpoint Manager. Happy to send you some data/screenshots if will help.