Endpoint manager not generating blf on correct account

I was using endpoint 13.0.35 and having an issue where all my BLF’s for the line keys were showing up on Account 2 instead of Account 1 which was specified. I upgraded to 13.0.51 which had issues with Yealink configurations (open bug) so I downgraded to I am still having the same issue.
The one thing I noticed in the V70 config, it appears that Account 1 should have a value of 0 instead of 1 as it did in the legacy config.

From my config file I have:
linekey.2.line = 1
linekey.2.value = 108
linekey.2.pickup_value = **
linekey.2.type = 16
linekey.2.label = 108
linekey.3.line = 1
linekey.3.value = 107
linekey.3.pickup_value = **
linekey.3.type = 16
linekey.3.label = 107
linekey.4.line = 1
linekey.4.value = 105
linekey.4.pickup_value = **
linekey.4.type = 16
linekey.4.label = 105

When I manually change all the linekey.x.line = 0 and provision the phone it works correctly. This of course gets overwritten with any changes.
I did try to set the Account to Null in the template manager, but it still filled it in with a 1.

I tested doing this because of the following post:

Is there an option I am missing in Endpoint to make this map correctly?

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this is definitely a bug in the emp. i will try to open a bug report

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there is a kludge to get around the epm bug. you can set the linekey.x.line to 0 and then rebuild the configs. by the way i think the bug is only there when you use line keys. if you are configuring the dss keys on the side of the phone the emp seems to work correctly