Endpoint Manager - More attendant options for Polycom


I am trying to set up an IP650 plus BEM extension module for our main reception.

It’s all working great however the endpoint manager only gives the option to add 10 attendant lines. The BEM on it’s own gives 14 buttons and with the IP650 would give a total of 19 usable buttons

I believe the ip650 can support upto 4 BEM modules!

Is there any way to add support for more lines via the endpoint manager?

Did you find a resolution? I’m in the same boat.

Unfortunately not.

I have to manually generate the xml file and replace it manually if I make a change within EPM

Which End Point Manager is this on? The commercial or OSS one?

If commercial one please open a bug report at issues.freepbx.org as it should support the number of buttons that are available on the device.

I’m using OSS version

What file are you editing? I have just a single phone needing this so hopefully it wouldn’t be a big pain.

If the Commercial EPM had a migration path from OSS EPM short of redoing all the configuration from scratch I’d happily upgrade in a second, but needing to redo the work is the hindrance, not the monetary cost. I had trouble getting registered when I set this up, so I had to go with the OSS version to get the system up to meet the deadline. It does nearly everything I need- this is probably the one area where itcomes up short (but again, if I could get it migrated easily then I’d be on board for a switch).


I’m the same with the versions. If there was a migration path then I would upgrade however as I have about 9 heavily customized profiles covering our suite of polycoms I don’t have the time to manually re-do them. I had a tight deadline to get 600 users migrated across from our old Alcatel and the paid version was not available when I started setting up the system.