Endpoint Manager module MAJOR changes.... Snom Working now

I have recently joined the development team on this project, and with hard work from myself and Andrew Nagy, over the holiday weekend we were able to get the endpoint manager working with the Snom phones. Andrew did not have access to a Snom phone for testing, so I picked up an old Snom 360 I had stored at a family members house over the holiday, and did extensive testing on it. Some things that have been tested -

The phone will, with option 66 set on your dhcp server, contact your FreePBX box via tftp and download your general settings, MAC specific settings, as well as automatically go out to the internet and download/install the firmware version you specify in the phone’s template/config. Some things configurable are -

SIP via DTMF INFO (rfc2833)
Phonebook URL
Firmware URL
HTTP Username
HTTP Password
Admin Mode Password

Soft Keys (Snom 360 & 370)

Feature Keys (ie, Hold, Conference, Transfer, Etc)

All 12 Function Keys on the 320, 360, & 370

The project is located here -> http://projects.colsolgrp.net/projects/show/endpointman

If you already have EPM installed on your FreePBX machine, simply go to End Point Manager in FreePBX (Under TOOLS) Then to End Point Configuration, then click the Check for Updates button, you should get an update button next to the Snom section…

Looking forward to user’s feedback on this, and now that I’m onboard, look for more active development on the Snom portion of this package!

Hope everybody had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!