Endpoint manager missing template

A couple of days ago I configured the endpoint manager to manage sangoma s500 phones. I haven’t bought a license because for sangoma phones this is included.
I set up all settings, including the template and I uploaded an image for the phone.

At the end I set up the firmware (primary 1.16 & secondary 1.15) and that process seem to loop. There where many tftp links connecting to the firmware servers and evey time the firmware was downloaded it seemed to start again.
I killed those sessions because it was using my whole bandwith and at first sight nothing was wrong.

But today I want to connect the phone and some parts from the endpoint manager are missing. There is no template. and also the uploaded image is not visible.
I don’t know if the aborted download of the firmware is related to the missing template and image.

When I log in to the shell I can see the uploaded image in the image directory in the endpoint plugin directory, but it doesn’t show in the menu.
Maybe it’s the same with the template too.
Is there a way to fix this?

this is a screenshot http://molonlabe.nl/images/Capture.JPG

am running endpoint manager 12.0.16

UPDATE: reverted back to 12.0.13 problem appeared in version 12.0.14

UPDATE: never mind. updated to 13 and now it’s working