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Endpoint Manager missing options?

(snaplink) #1

Current PBX Version
PBX Firmware: 12.7.4-1804-1.sng7
PBX Service Pack:

I’m trying to change some options on my Yealink T46G phones like screensaver time and not showing the
contact photo on incoming calls. Googling around I think those should be available in EPM but I think I’m missing the row of tabs that has those configurations in them.

I’m running EPM and it shows Commercial License according to Module Admin. I click Settings>EPM and then on the right I click the little square to bring up the menu choices Global Settings, Extension Mapping and so on. If I choose Brands>Yealink and the t46g template I created I should be able to make that change in there or am I in the complete wrong place?

To clarify, I think I missing the row of tabs for General - Models - Regional - Options - Redundancy - VLAN and so on

(Lorne Gaetz) #2

Only Sangoma phone templates have the tabs you are looking for. If those feature are supported by your phone, you will have to access with basefile edits.

(snaplink) #3

Bummer but I certainly appreciate your response.

Would you happen to know what I need to edit in the basefile for what I’m trying to accomplish? I searched for photo, and image in the basefile for the T46G but it didn’t find anything

(Lorne Gaetz) #4

No. Every phone and every manufacturer is different.

(Itzik) #5

If you log into the Yealink phone, at the right side of each setting it will tell you the basefile name and what the value can be set to.

(snaplink) #6

Great tip, thanks!

I found the setting in the Yealink web interface for the phone (screensaver.wait_time, I think?)

But when I search in the basefile, there is no line with that name or actually with “screensaver” in it. I searched for another setting (phone_setting.backgrounds) and that was in the basefile. I checked a few others relating to screensaver and they’re not in there either. Any idea why multiple settings are missing?

(Tony Lewis) #7

That means it’s not anything we are setting and yealink sets the default. You can defime any cusotm setting in basefile you want if it’s not defined already.

(snaplink) #8

Ah, I see. I went ahead and added a couple of parameters to the basefile and things look like they’re working as I wanted. The items I added are in red though, does that just specify that I added them and they’re “custom” ?

(Lorne Gaetz) #9

Yes, basefile edits are red.

(Jon) #10

Some basefile edits are not GUI accessible. Check these docs