Endpoint manager issues


I have endpoint manager Pro installed, and have pointed the system admin/Port management/Admin control panel to 77xx.

I login to Admin by going to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:77xx

The Endpoint manager Link is:

Create a new template for aastra: http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:77xx/config.php?display=endpoint&new=1&view=aastra

Works, lets you create a template, but does not save the template.

Create a new template for Panasonic: http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:77xx/config.php?display=endpoint&new=1&view=panasonic

Works, and SAVES the template, but if you try to remove or export you cannot.

Panasonic Export template shows:

“The requested URL /admin/config.php was not found on this server.”

Panasonic Remove template shows: http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:77xx/admin/config.php?display=endpoint&view=panasonic&action=removeTemplate&template=panasonicpstkx-ut113&brand=panasonic

“The requested URL /admin/config.php was not found on this server.”

Both export and remove have a different URL with /admin/ inserted unlike New template or import links which do not have /admin/ inserted.

Does anyone have suggestions on what to do and/or where to look for the “I’m guessing” unwanted /admin/ insert? If it’s supposed to be there then this does not work.

Thank you

What is 79XX? What port did you actually define?

Also what version of End Point Manager are you using?

Hi Tony,

The port is 7799. The End Point Manager is version This error was there in the earlier version. Thinking I had little to lose I upgraded to with the same issues. I just upgraded again to, but no joy… Same issues.

Would it make a difference if I forward the original port, 81 to 7799? The schmoozecom.conf file for the VMs shows:

Listen 7799
<VirtualHost *:7799>
DocumentRoot /var/www/html/admin/

The default was port 81 in the system admin/Port management module.

Thank you

Go into Global Settings in EPM and submit that page and see if that helps.

What Distro are you using?

Is there a range or list of ports you suggest to use for this?

I looked at this list before I choose 7799; http://www.linuxjunkies.org/articles/port_explained.html


I changed the global Endpoint Manages setting for web port to 7799, and rebooted. No change. Still reverts to /admin/ and will not Panasonic templates. Also, still cannot create aastra templates.

PBX Firmware: 4.211.64-7
PBX Service Pack:

Maybe related, I just attempted a backup and cannot drag any of the templates to the backup items.

Thank you

What web browser are you using?

Sorry; “will not remove/delete Panasonic templates.”


Sounds like you have something screwed up with your apache setup. All modules inside freepbx should be in /admin directory. Not sure how you are accessing the module without admin but sounds like some weird setup you have with apache.

I just tried Chrome and Opera and received the same results. I started opening IE for the FreePBX instance, but when it asked to install ‘Chrome frame’ I figured it was pointless and redundant to using Chrome.

Thank you For your time. I will look further into the Apache set up.

Question. Can I create my own Apache Virtual hosts still using schmooze.conf? Will that break anything aside from interaction with the port management section of the systems admin module?

Sorry. I meant to write can I create my own virtual hosts instead of using schmooze.conf?