Endpoint Manager issues with Aastra 57i and 560/675 sidecar

I’m trying to setup an Aastra 57i with a 560/675 side car and I’m having issues with the endpoint manager not creating the necessary .cfg files with all the information.

Version info:
FreePBX Distro: 6.12.65-30
Endpoint: 12.0.18
RestAPPS: 12.0.48

The interesting thing is that the config file has the top buttons configured and there are entries in the MAC.cfg file for the sidecar(s) but they are all blank.

When I make changes to the 57i settings the MAC.cfg file is built with the new settings but the expansion module (560/675) settings are never filled in. The settings for the expansion module come back so I can edit them each time, so it appears to be saving them someplace, just not in the MAC.cfg file.

I did notice that there are these configuration settings:

expmod1page1left:, expmod1page1right:
expmod1page2left:, expmod1page2right:
expmod1page3left:, expmod1page3right:

How does one go about filling these in using the endpoint manager?

Thanks for your help!

In my experience with the Aastra’s, the button labeling seemed (to me) to be somewhat backward - I would bet you are putting the buttons in the softkeys instead of the Hard Button definitions - Scroll down on the Endpoint Manager screen and you will see a whole different group of buttons - Put your BLF’s there and I bet they will appear they way you are expecting.


Thanks for the suggestion. I’m having no issues with putting buttons on the 57i phone. I understand what you mean about having the top buttons on the phone at the bottom of the configuration page.

That’s not my problem. I put buttons on the sidecar 560/675 and they never appear on the phone at all. The buttons don’t get “pushed” to the configuration file. I opened the MAC.cfg file and the 57i buttons are all there, the 560/675 sidecar buttons are no where to be seen, they are all empty strings ("").



I just tried this on another system and the same thing happened. No settings were put in the MAC.cfg file for the sidecar 560/675 module.

FreepbxDistro: 6.12.65-30
Endpoint Manager:
RESP Apps: 12.0.41

Can someone else quick create a template for a Aastra 6757i and populate it with a button or two and then add the sidecar/Expansion module (675-1), populate it with a button or two and make a MAC.cfg file to see if the buttons on the sidecar/Expansion module get populated?


I don’t have an Aastra sidecar to test with, but I can say that with Endpoint ver. 12.0.19, an 57i configured in EPM with expansion module 675-1, that the expansion module keys appear to be written to the cfg file properly:

expmod1 key1 type: "line"
expmod1 key1 label: ""
expmod1 key1 value: ""
expmod1 key1 line: "1"
expmod1 key1 states: "idle connected incoming outgoing busy "
expmod1 key2 type: "blf"
expmod1 key2 label: "1005"
expmod1 key2 value: "1005"
expmod1 key2 line: "1"
expmod1 key2 states: "idle connected incoming outgoing busy "
expmod1 key3 type: "speeddial"
expmod1 key3 label: "5000"
expmod1 key3 value: "5000"
expmod1 key3 line: "1"
expmod1 key3 states: "idle connected incoming outgoing busy "
expmod1 key4 type: "xml"
expmod1 key4 label: "Apps"
expmod1 key4 value: "http://<redacted>:88/applications.php/restapps/main?user=1013"
expmod1 key4 line: "1"
expmod1 key4 states: "idle connected incoming outgoing busy "

Not sure if it the same with aastra but for yealink I had to assign the expansion module (sidecar) to the Extension under Extension Mapping before it would work.


Bingo! I’ve never seen that config area before! Thanks for the tip. I added the expansion module to the extension there, rebuilt the config and the necessary MAC.cfg config options were created.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Now, if I can just figure out how to program the labels at the top of the expansion module/sidecar then I’m cookin’ with gas. They are in the MAC.cfg file, I just can’t figure out how to program them in the Endpoint manager.

expmod1page1left: ""
expmod1page1right: “”


You can change that in the Basefile Edit. That variable does show up there.

I found that out by doing a google** search on “expmod1page1left” and found that there were 3 entries. The first was someone with a bug report, the fixed bug report (where the Basefile Edit was provided as a solution) and this thread.

So, to wrap up all this in a nice little package, if you are adding expansion modules / sidecars / 560/675 aastra and otherwise, you need to:

  1. Create the template with the Endpoint manager (Brands to add your phone brand, then Manage for the buttons) for the devices that you want to use together and populate all the buttons the way you want to see them*.
  2. After creating the template, you need to apply the template to each of the extensions that you’d like to use that template with using the endpoint manager Extension Mapping edit function.

*For the buttons/labels that don’t appear to be added/editable using the drop down buttons in the Brand/Manage section, you might be able to find the labels in the Basefile Edit feature/function. This is where you can edit the abels that appear at the top of the expansion modules for AAstra model phones.

**That’s the fewest results from google that I think I’ve ever searched for. 3 web pages with “expmod1page1left”.

Thanks everyone for all your help and pointing me in the right direction. It’s been awhile since I’ve had to add a sidecar/expansion module and your tips helped me get that critical information back.