Endpoint Manager Issues/Questions

Have just installed the commercial endpoint manager on my system. Have come across several things that I can’t seem to get to work… not sure if they are bugs or just user error so thought I’d post here first. My system is in device&user mode if that has any bearing and all phones are Aastra.

#1. If in my template I have “Line Label” set to extension, the line sip line1 display name: “2021” is put into the config file using the extension (device) number. If I set “Line Label” to Name, the “sip line1 display name” is simply omitted from the config file. In neither case do I get the “name” I’m looking for.

#2. The pulldown menus for “type” on the softkeys seem to be missing some important values… “Speeddial/Xfer, Speeddial/Conf, Pickup, CallFwd, Line and most importantly Empty”… is there someplace I can add these in so they’re available in the pulldowns?

#3. In extension mapping there is no option for specifying if/which expansion modules are installed on the 6739i phone.

#4. I was trying to duplicate a template and the name I chose had a + in it… it shows up in the list of templates under “manage”… but you can’t edit nor save it… nor delete it. I tried a 2nd time thinking it was a glitch and ended up with two templates of the same name and I can’t delete nor use either of them.

Suggestions, hints, tips always appreciated.


Mike <<<<<

Correct as stated in the wiki for EPM we do not support device and user mode with EPM.

Would perhaps be nice to disclose that information on the sales page to allow for a more informed purchase decision.

Notwithstanding that, I can hack the config files to resolve #1 … that still leaves issues #2, #3 and #4 which have no relation at all to what mode the system is in.


Mike <<<<<

Please open bug reports on any item you feel is a bug.