Endpoint Manager Issue

I think I have narrowed this down to EPM. I have 2 phones that have 3 extensions each. No config has changed on the server or phones in weeks. EPM version is latest, 13.0.113. PBX: S500 latest firmware. (.43)

On EACH phone, one or multiple extensions will unregister and fail to register again. The only way I have found to fix the issue is to associate the extension in question with a different account on the phone than was originally setup. Example: Ext 950 was provisioned for account 1 on phone, but will only work if I change to unused account on phone (accounts 2-4), apply template, AND reboot phone. Once phone reboots, it will register and work. If I attempt to switch back to account 1 as originally provisioned, Im back to where I started, extension not registering. I have even tried:

  1. Deleting and rebuilding extension, rebuilding in EPM.
  2. Putting a totally different extension in place of the original (attempting to overwrite (?)

Very odd issue. Any help greatly appreciated.

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