Endpoint manager issue

I am trying to figure out the end point manager stuff. I sort of
have it working, but I have a few things that I can’t figure out.

First of all… I have a couple of entries like:
<firmware_status perm=“R”>tftp://</firmware_status>

… not the duplicated ip address. This occurs on two different systems…
a 2.9.x and a 2.10.x system. Both were installed from the .iso freepbx
install disks. is the ip address of the server on the system where this
configig file came from.

If I edit the
is found… and then ‘regenerate’ the files for 000413314446, the
duplicated ip address comes back.

my snom phone boots and reads the general.xml and general_custom.xml file…
but my snom log shows things like:
Tftpclient: Could not resolve host ><

I also can’t figure out how to tell a specific snom phone to update
a snom .bin update image. I can go to the phone and give it a url with
a .bin image to update… but I can’t figure out how to boot the phone
and have the endpoint manager direct it to load a new .bin image.

Thanks - jack

Try this version: http://www.the159.com/endpointman/endpointman-

If it doesn’t work email me.


what is the correct way to install the tarball you listed. The tarball unpacks into the endpintman directory… do I go to my /var/www/html/admin/modules directory and just untar
it… or is there an official way to install this tarbal? I use the freepbx/admin/module
installer normally… but I’ve never had a local tarball to install.

Thanks - jack

Module Admin > Upload Module