Endpoint Manager issue

I have two Polycom phones, a 650 and a 670. Both are setup to use just a single line at the moment.

However, if you define one line in endpoint manager, it will configure all 6 line keys with that one line. This behavior appears to have changed from the previous version.

Looking in the template file, {$mac}_reg.cfg, I see this:


So it looks like something is not being parsed correctly, but no idea.

The fix was to just edit my phone’s config file and set reg.1.lineKeys=""

It is being parsed correctly. This is a requested feature that I added in there. Many people wanted the line duplicated across all keys.

How do we go around this? I have several polycom phones in our office that require multiple extensions. I have one for example that has 4 and I have had to manually edit the .cfg file for that specific phone to only show 1 extension per key. There is also a drop down in the endpoint manager template configuration that allows you to select a line, which does not appear to allow me to change it.

Any help would be appreciated.


Austin Speer

I must say that I really like the EPM. It makes configuring the phones a lot easier.

Is there any update on this issue. I also have Polycom phones that require multiple extensions. One phone has extension 6080, 6081 and two spped dials. The problem is that extension 6080 appears 4 times so the other extension do not appear nor do the speed dials.

Here is the code in the config that causes this


I think what would be useful is to be able to define how many times a line is repeated on the Polycom phones. Right now I have to manually edit the config files but if I regenerate them the config reverts back to having multiple instances of the first line defined on the phone.

The following worked on one of the older versions of the endpoint files. I haven’t updated in a while, so it may no longer apply.

Find this line in /var/www/html/admin/modules/_ep_phone_modules/endpoint/polycom/spipm/phone.php

$this->lines[$i]['options']['idle_display_refresh'] = (isset($this->options['idle_display_refresh']) ? $this->options['idle_display_refresh'] : NULL); ### and add this right after it $this->lines[$i]['options']['lineKeys'] = (isset($this->options['lineKeys']) ? $this->options['lineKeys'] : NULL);

In the same directory, change {$mac}_reg.cfg and add the variable on the line that defines lineKeys


And finally, update template_data.xml to include the following -

$lineKeys 1 lineKeys input