Endpoint manager installation - can't find downloaded file

I’ve always just managed my phones by logging into them directly since I don’t have many phones but thought I’d try out the end point manager to see what it’s all about.

When I access the end point device list I’m told I need to install the Module for my phones, which are Grandstream 2010 phones. I scrolled down to the Grandstream icon and click install. I get a window popup that says
Downloading Brand JSON…Done!
Downloading Brand Package…Done!
Can’t Find Downloaded File!

Any suggestions?

When you hit install button it should show the models below which would allow you to install firmware then enable/disable different models. You would then go into the device list and add MAC address and tie them to an extension. This is how I have done it with Cisco and Polycom, I don’t have any experience with Grandstream. Which version of Asterisk and endpoint manager do you have?

It never gets that far. I hit the Install button listed under Grandstream, but that’s when the error starts. It never gets to a point where I’m selecting the model of the phone itself.

Not sure if it’s related, but one of the phones has a BLF malfunction now and won’t display when other users are on the phone. It worked until I attempted to install the Grandsteam Module.

And not sure if this is related, but given the problems with the BLF lights on that phone, I decided to reboot the entire system and now I’m getting errors (below) at bootup. I wasn’t getting those errors before.

The only other change I’d made was that I’d updated the backup module this morning as well.

FreePBX V2.10 with all modules up to date except the FOP which is disabled (FOP2 is running) End Point Manager

[2012-10-17 15:47:50] VERBOSE[3026] loader.c: func_devstate.so => (Gets or sets a device state in the dialplan)
[2012-10-17 15:47:50] WARNING[3026] cdr_manager.c: Failed to load configuration file. Module not activated.
[2012-10-17 15:47:50] ERROR[3026] cdr_syslog.c: Unable to load cdr_syslog.conf. Not logging custom CSV CDRs to syslog.
[2012-10-17 15:47:50] WARNING[3026] cel_manager.c: Failed to load configuration file. CEL manager Module not activated.
[2012-10-17 15:47:50] ERROR[3026] cdr_custom.c: Unable to load cdr_custom.conf. Not logging custom CSV CDRs.
[2012-10-17 15:47:50] VERBOSE[3026] loader.c: cdr_custom.so => (Customizable Comma Separated Values CDR Backend)
[2012-10-17 15:47:50] VERBOSE[3026] config.c: == Parsing ‘/etc/asterisk/cdr.conf’: [2012-10-17 15:47:50] VERBOSE[3026] config.c: == Found
[2012-10-17 15:47:50] ERROR[3026] cel_custom.c: Unable to load cel_custom.conf. Not logging CEL to custom CSVs.
[2012-10-17 15:47:50] VERBOSE[3026] loader.c: cel_custom.so => (Customizable Comma Separated Values CEL Backend)
[2012-10-17 15:47:50] VERBOSE[3026] pbx.c: == Registered application ‘ExternalIVR’
[2012-10-17 15:47:50] VERBOSE[3026] loader.c: app_externalivr.so => (External IVR Interface Application)
[2012-10-17 15:47:50] ERROR[3026] app_amd.c: Configuration file amd.conf missing.

Endpoint Manager doesn’t touch anything related to Asterisk so unfortunately your problems aren’t related to your issue.

What your issue appears to be is that EPM can’t find the file on your system after it’s attempted to download to the temporary directory that the system told it to download to. Unfortunately you seem to be having some issues with your system in general.

Also (as I stated above) when you install endpoint manager it doesnt modify asterisk. When you install phones it also doesn’t modify asterisk. It never modifies any asterisk file.

The temporary directory is: epm_temp under whatever your system says the temporary location is.

Best bet is to run

amportal a dbug

and attempt to download again and then post the error log here.

You have always been getting those errors, it is normal. FreePBX doesn’t use any of these functions.

< WHEW> Breathing again… Thank you Scott!

I realize this is an old thread, but I wanted to share how I resolved it. I had the same problem trying to install Yealink/Dreamwave packages in Endpoint Manager on a clean install of FreePBX (Stable-2.210.62-2, 64-bit). Based on tm1000’s tip about the download location, I was able to get it going by manually downloading the packages:

  1. Log in to the server as root.
  2. Run the following commands:

    cd /tmp/epm_temp
    wget http://mirror.freepbx.org/provisioner/v3/yealink/t2x.firmware.tgz
    wget http://mirror.freepbx.org/provisioner/v3/yealink/yealink.json
    wget http://mirror.freepbx.org/provisioner/v3/yealink/yealink.tgz
    chown asterisk:asterisk t2x.firmware.tgz
    chown asterisk:asterisk yealink.json
    chown asterisk:asterisk yealink.tgz
  3. Try the install again from the GUI.

I hope this will help some poor, frustrated neophyte like me! :slight_smile:

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