Endpoint Manager GXP2200EXT

Hi all

We are using the commercial Endpoint Manager with great success deploying Grandstream handsets to our environment.

We have found a bug with the deployment of 2200EXT boards paired to a GXP2200 handset.

In EPM, the first selected EXP2200-1 works for provisioned BLF’s, however the second and third boards (EXP2200-2 & EXP2200-3) attached are not provisioned.

Looking at the Config file named as the devices MAC address I find the problem is this:

# Button Label
P10207 = Phonebook Name

Button Value

P10208 = 2000

Key Mode. 0-Speed Dial, 1-BLF, 3-BLF, 5-DialDTMF, 8-Call Transfer, 9-CallPark, 10-Call Intercom


Account to use: 0 - Account 1, 1 - Account 2, 2 - Account 3, 3 - Account 4, 4 - Account 5, 5 - Account 6

P10211 = 1

It appears that the EPM is not populating the Key Mode which assigns the key function even when BLF is selected in the Web interface of EPM.

If Key Mode is set to 1 then the key mode is set to BLF and the handset will correctly populate the buttons on the second board as is does with EXP2200-1.

Not sure where to report this bug, It only affects EXP2200-2 and EXP2200-3. the first EXP2200-1 is provisioned correctly.

Any pointers for a work-around, fix or where to correctly report this would be appreciated. And thanks for the great module.

Sorry, the above post EXP2000-… should read EXT2200-…

Been a long day.

issues.freepbx.org is where all bugs for FreePBX need to be reported. Bugs do not get fixed based on forum request.

Thanks Tony

Bugreport here:

Next time please pick Commercial End Point. You picked the Open Source OSS End Point as the module in the ticket so it would of been missed for awhile had I not caught it since nobody on the FreePBX Core team works on the OSS one.