Endpoint Manager (for Sangoma phones) won't load

When trying to load Endpoint Manager, for the configuration of Sangoma phones (Endpoint Manager is supposed to be included for Sangoma phones), we get the following message:

“This feature is currently not licensed. For more information on this feature or to purchase this Add-On, please see the information below.”

And then an advertisement to purchase it.

How can we get Endpoint Manager to launch for usage with Sangoma phones? (FreePBX version is

Please open a commercial module ticket at https://support.sangoma.com. Also make sure your system is activated by looking at system admin

Thank you for the response. I had to reactivate my install, as when I checked to see if it was still activated based on your response, I noticed it definitely wasn’t.

The Endpoint Manager appears to work now.

When I tried to activate it with its existing deployment ID, it wouldn’t allow it and I had to do a new activation. Do you know if that harm any currently setup phones, etc., that are in the portal?


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