Endpoint manager Firmware downloads

Hello all,

I purchased the endpoint manager to make it easier to deploy a large new building. So far it’s working alright, a few bugs here and there. But my biggest issues is the firmware download.

I follow the instructions on the wiki for loading the “Firmware Slots” and I click submit, but it doesn’t seem to download anything, and on the phone options page for firmware it only has “recommended” not the “slot 1/2” that it says it should have.

I’m using version and I have cisco phones. (SPA525G2 to be specific)

Can anyone help get these working?

What web browser are you using?

I’m using firefox version 15.0.1 on mac.

Try Chrome or Safari. I know in the past firefox has had some issues.

You are correct sir! Chrome worked! Loooove when it’s something that easy!

Hi! I found another bug with the firmware side of things.

When you use the %firmware% variable, it’s just setting: “/cisco/2/spa525bt.bin” in the XML file, not the full path to the server, so the phone is not finding the upgrade rule. It should be giving the phone the full URL to the server.

Once I replace the URL with the full path, the upgrade works.

Please open a bug report at issues.freepbx.org