Endpoint Manager Firmware 0.00

I have a custom firmware using slot 1 with firmware 0.00. All is working well.
However, I would think that what I entered into the version file should show up on the webpage, just as it works with the EPM provided firmwares. In the version file, I entered the version of the firmware, so I wouldn’t forget.

The actual contents of the file are:



Custom Firmware
Upload your firmware to /tftpboot/brand/slotnumber
Leave version file in folder

I did a restart httpd and also amportal, but still the same.
Anyone have a suggestion?

No it will not show up in the webpage. Only non custom firmware will display that information.

So the version file in the directory is not actually “the” version file that is displayed?
It’s not really a game changer, but it would be nice so you know what you have in there to help remember.

Also, on another note, the EPM shows the T41P as a T41G. Just a typo, but thought someone might want to know.

Thanks for your help.

The version file is just to confirm the overall version the firmware versions are stored in the DB.