Endpoint Manager feedback

Here’s our list of things that we’ve found in endpoint;

Yealink Firmware option doesn’t work. We can choose Firmware, Yealink, then we get a blank page, and nothing ever happens.

The Admin password in the General Settings doesn’t get applied to our yealink phones, and we can’t log on after they are configured as the password changes from the default but isn’t the one in the general settings.

The BLF line label is never shown on yealink handsets. The BLF button works, but the label itself isnt shown on the phone.

The Baseline edit feature crashes our browsers (chrome OSX). It appears to be rendering a very large number of rows of text boxes. Safari fairs slightly better but even so editing the content isn’t practical. What about using Divs and spans instead which might be more efficient rendering-wise. As a fall back what about a link to edit the config itself? That was an efficient option in the open source version.

Thats it so far. I think we’ll go back to the open source option for now as the BLF and rendering issues, let alone the admin issue which prevents us managing the phone, makes the module too…beta for us.