Endpoint Manager Error on BLF Cisco Spa504g sidephone

I have instaled the Endpoint Manager to use with my Freepbx and Cisco Spa-504g phones.
Everything is working perfect, except for the BLF in the phone side.
In the sidecar is working as should be, but in the phone side, the button show the name, the speed dial and call pick up work, but the led stay blinking orange, so I cannot see the extension status.
I already looked in the $model.cfg and spa$mac.xml files, and I saw that in the spa$mal.xml file have some options about BLF, but I don´t know how I should change. Above the part that have options about BLF:

<Display_Name_{$line}_ group="SIP/SIP_Parameters" ua="na">{$displaynameline}</Display_Name_{$line}_>
!-- If BLF then set this to the BLF -->
<Short_Name_{$line}_ group="Phone/Line_Key_{$line}" ua="na">{$short_name}</Short_Name_{$line}_> 
<User_ID_{$line}_ ua="na">{$username}</User_ID_{$line}_>
<Password_{$line}_ ua="na">{$secret}</Password_{$line}_>
!-- Below set to disabled for BLF -->
<Extension_{$line}_ group="Phone/Line_Key_{$line}">{$blf_ext_type}</Extension_{$line}_>
!-- If BLF set to shared -->
<Share_Call_Appearance_{$line}_ group="Phone/Line_Key_{$line}">{$share_call_appearance|private}</Share_Call_Appearance_{$line}_>
!-- this changes how the button works. If it's set when the phone isn't on blf then the button turns orange. so we probably need to remove this normally.-->
<Extended_Function_{$line}_ group="Phone/Line_Key_{$line}">{$extended_function}</Extended_Function_{$line}_>
<Dial_Plan_{$line}_ ua="na">{$dial_plan}</Dial_Plan_{$line}_>
<SIP_Port_{$line}_ group="Ext_{$line}/SIP_Settings">{$server_port}</SIP_Port_{$line}_>
<Register_Expires_{$line}_ group="Ext_{$line}/Proxy_and_Registration">{$server_expires|3600}</Register_Expires_{$line}_>
<Ans_Call_Without_Reg_{$line}_ ua="na">{$answer_call_without_reg|No}</Ans_Call_Without_Reg_{$line}_>

But what I readed in all posts is that the option of call appearance should be private, and the line key as disabled, I don´t know if in the file is correct.
I tried too to change the $model.cfg file to force the Line Key 4 to be the BLF that I wanted, but it didn´t worked. When I used the same configuration in the sidecar it worked fine.
I am new in the freepbx world (just installed for about a week), so sorry if any information is missing.
Asterisk 2.10