EndPoint Manager Edit Base File for Logo

I really need an example on how to edit Base files for custom entries for legacy phones. I’ve read the documentation, but it really is lacking, and leaves you totally confused. What is a Port_Config, for example? I guess my file should be “legacy” based on clicking on existing records… but how would I know? I get it that you don’t support these phones, but please give us some kind of example or clue as to how to get a simple option in there. I have 100+ Polycom 501 phones that I’m not about to replace.

UPDATE: I have managed to figure out how to create a basic structure like this in Ext.cfg:

But under <IDLE_DISPLAY> I enter file legacy section IDLE_DISPLAY parameter ind.anim.IP_500.38.frame.1.bitmap with value images/formatted/id500 and I get “IP_500” tacked in front. First, I don’t want that, second that’s not even the section I am in!

Here is what the Polycom 501 manual says needs to be in the sip.cfg for the phone to accept a logo:

Thanks for any help you can give. Or tell me I need to place a ticket if it is a bug.