Endpoint manager / digium / API

I have a “replacement” server in our chain that I used to replace a flakey server.
The original system was set up prior to the purchase of Endpoint Manger, and was on an older platform. Now the box is performing well but with the end point manager I cannot seem to find out why I cannot program the rest-api buttons via the endpoint manager. This is so on the D40 and the D70 templates.
The pbx firmware is 6.12.665.29 service pack … endpoint
and to the best of my knowledge, all modules are fully up to date… Yup I did buy the endpoint and the rest of the 15 yr pack.

any pointers would be helpful.

OK, I fought with this problem long enough that it got worse and worse… now the users cannot make outbound calls… so my answer was to put back the “broken” server and to blow away the “new box” and start over…
I am sorry for wasting your time…
but some times a big hammer is the key!
So my thought is that I will simply do a brand new install with the newest and the best (13) so that I dont have to worry about salvaging things!