Endpoint Manager - Default templates

We need to update about 150 templates and add a various number of configs to every one of them. I was looking around to figure out how to do this quickly and found this in the EPM database for all blue colored items:

| 942481 | yealink | default | | phone | v70 | NULL | network.vpn_enable | NULL | vpnEnable | NULL | Enable or disable the VPN feature; 0-Disabled (default), 1-Enabled; | YV0029 |

We do not have a default template built so this must be a hidden template used in layering the configs. Is there a way we can easily edit this file? If not has anyone tried posting custom data fields to the default template and seeing if it keeps it?

Has no one had to handle so many templates at once?

Pardon my ignorance, why do you have so many templates in the first place? how many phones do you have?

I wouldn’t expect you to know how many phones we have so no need to pardon anything.

Almost 800 Yealink phones on the server in question. Over time we have discovered improvements and have some future upgrades we want to do on the Yealinks. Updating all those templates one by one is a nightmare.

I believe that the easiest way would be to export, use excel to apply changes and then import it again.

I looked in the asterisk database and found the default “hard coded” rows in the endpoint_basefiles table. I can just add/edit in there and apply to all templates easily :smiley:

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