EndPoint Manager & Custom Basefile edit

Hello All,

While I have used FreePBX for a long time, we just started making EPM a requirement.
In the process we have a few things we liked from the OSS version as well as some customizations we need to do.
I scanned through the basefile edit documentation but didn’t really see how I can add my OWN xml setting to EPM for Cisco phones.
There are certain things like a text logo, Resync_At__HHmm_ and ring tones that we want to set, but those settings don’t appear in the default basefile edit list.

How can I add the above to the basefile edit list so I can then tweak them appropriately?


Have you been to the wiki and checked out the documentation? The procedure is fully covered.

Hi SkykingOH,

Thanks for the reply, I did go to the documentation but didn’t see the instructions.
I looked through this area http://wiki.freepbx.org/display/FCM/EPM-Basefiles and it could be I didn’t search the right way.
I understand how to get to the basefile edit by brand etc, but I’m not able to figure out how to add the additional entry.

I am also in the same pickle. I need to ADD (not change), a entry in a Polycom config file, but I see nowhere that allows me to ADD an option. I could do it from the backend adding it to the DB, but how fun ISN’T that.

At the bottom of basefile edit when looking at all the existing settings is the add button.
When you add your own entries in, you will see those in red next time you open that template.

As it turns out an update to the EPM fixed the issue. I guess it was just one of those bugs.