Endpoint Manager - Creating Autoprovisioning Files for ZyXEL devices

Hi all,

I’m currently developing the files to provision ZyXEL devices by the endpoint manager.
It’s really not easy to get everything ready since there is not much documentation.
Finally I was able to create some files and now I also can provision my phones.
Everything works well beside the fact, that if I change values in a customer template these values changes values are never used in the real config file.
E.g. I made a field that has a backup sip server address - I have one default in the template_data.xml file. So, I change this to another IP in the template manager . If I look in the GUI again into the customer template I see that the value is changed. But even after the clicking on “Rebuilt configs for all phones” it rebuilts the configuration file in the tftpboot directory again with the defaults from the template_data.xml and not as expected with the changed values from the template manager.

I have really no idea anymore where to do more debugging on this right now - any ideas?

Best Regards

Please email me: andrew (dot) nagy (at) the159.com