Endpoint manager corrupted after upgrade

After updating the endopont manager module v 15.0.54 no phone can be accessed via web gui with admin password.
We have over 1000 phones that are not being accessed. Checking the tftboot folder we notice that the file generated by the endpoint manager lacks many parameters. For example, the cfg file for the configuration and the one for the telephone is differents. Inside, for example for grandstream phone the P2 parameter for the web gui admin password is missing and many other configuration parameters are missing. We have a glitch that locks up at least 1,000 phones

I’m trying to open a ticket in the new help.sangoma.com support system but the Freepbx section is completely absent

Opened a bug here [FREEPBX-23852] Grandstream GXP 16XX - endpoint only provisions half lines - Sangoma Issue Tracker
V. works fine
after the upgrade it is no longer possible to access the phone via web gui in administrative mode (the p2 parameter for the password is omitted in the config file) fortunately it is still possible to access in user mode (to reboot) and the phone is restartable via endpoint manager . After a rollback to version rebuild the config files from the panel https://…/admin/config.php?display=endpoint&view=extensions and choose the option "Save, Rebuild Config(s) and Update Phones’ to reboot the phones and restore the situation

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