Endpoint Manager (commercial schmoozecom.com) version

Current System
PBX Firmware: 5.211.65-8
PBX Service Pack:

I need to move to a larger server - how do I move all the endpoint manager config files and such to the new server - I do not see any backup options from the endpoint menu…is this done during the normal full system backup? I have over 400 devices configured with several different profiles.

Thanks in advance

That’s a more complicated question than you may imagine:

1 - The system config backup copies the DB that contains the information used to generate the config file. If you only backup this you need to go to C.EPM and regenerate the configs (not a big deal)

2 - If you are using only tftp provisioning simply include the /tftpboot in the backup

3 - If using http or https you need to copy the directory from /var/www/html/ that contains your provisioning files.