Endpoint Manager Cisco

Hosted FreePBX setup which includes Endpoint manager. One issue I’m coming across. I might be doing this wrong, so I am open to other suggestions.

All of my phones are Cisco 7960 and behind NAT. In order to get the phones to register, I need to set the following:

nat_enable: "1"
nat_received_processing: “1”

The alternative is to set nat_address to the external IP and set nat_received_processing to “0”

Now here’s my issue…I can’t figure out how to set this in the EPM? If I go to basefile edit and search for “nat_enable”, I get no results. Manually entering this info still leads to it being overwritten on each save.

I tried adding an entry into “enterprise” but it never appears. I also searched for other items that I see in the SIPXXXXX.cnf file - but I can’t find them either!

How can I manually add this?