Endpoint Manager & Cisco 7960

Current Asterisk Version: 13.5.0
FreePBX 13.0.49
This is a new install upgrading the server from an older version. My Cisco 7960 phones were configured and working with the old Freepbx system.
I can’t get any of them to log into the new PBX (same IP address etc). I have set up extensions with “None” as the user and a simple password. I then went into Endpoint manager and selected Cisco as the brand, mapped the extensions with Cisco and 7960 plus the Mac address. I then cycled the power on the phones. The phones give the message “Http Connection closed”.
I was previously using POS 3-07-00 firmware and the phones are still showing this. Could this be a firmware issue?
Any help to resolve this would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

For the ciscos to work, firmware I found works best is 8-8-0. Also, in freepbx, disable NAT, and the SIP extension password does have to be simple. Also, are you sure the phone is pointed at the PBX and picking up the new configs via tftp? To confirm this, you should be able to telnet to the phone’s ip address and do a sh config to see if has the necessary config.

When I pull up the extension in Freepbx for one of the phones it says: “This device uses CHAN_SIP technology listening on”. Should the ip of the pbx be showing there?

Thank you for the help. The issue was that the phones were not pulling the configuration from the ftp server on the pbx machine. I was using the root and had not set up a user yet. I was able to confirm that the system was not logging into the ftp server but using ftp to connect to the pbx and then try the login. Thank you for the help!

Hey, I’m having serious issues getting my 7940’s running, none of them want to connect. What endpoint module are you running?

I paid the $75 for the 25 year license and downloaded the endpoint manager that is part of Freepbx. It says ver 13.0.15.

Do you have other phones connected to the pbx? If not, have you confirmed that you can ftp to the pbx and log in using the same login that you have entered in sysadmin?

I have found with the 7960s that turning off the dhcp and entering a static address & subnet is better. Also enter under network for option 1 and be sure to enter the pbx address for the tftp server. Also check the permissions in your \tftpboot folder.

To clarify, those cisco phones do not support ftp or http provisioning - only tftp which is not the same thing as ftp. Also, dhcp actually works better assuming you have a decent dhcp server and can pass option 150 with the ip address of your pbx which should be running tftp. Get past this hurdle and let us know.

Did you get the 7940’s connected? I tried to connect my remaining 7960’s to the pbx yesterday and couldn’t get any of them to connect. This morning I realized that because they were plugged in, that fail2ban had blocked them all. I had to release the blocks and now they are all connected.