Endpoint Manager - change directory where files are stored

Good afternoon, all. I’ve got several of these systems built in GCE, and I’m wanting to centralize the storage of the provisioning files for a few different reasons. With GCE, I can use GCSFUSE to map a local directory to google compute storage, which I can then in turn host that storage with an authenticated web server.

However, I need to actually redirect the location where Endpoint Manager (Commercial) decides to build all those files. As far as FPBX is concerned, it’ll still be a “local directory”, but I need to be able to tell it to place all these provisioning files in a local directory other than the default “tftpboot” directory.

Any thoughts on how to achieve that?



Not completely sure if this would work…but it’s a linux file system. Couldn’t you just create a symlink for /tftpboot? For example:

ln -s /tftpboot /usr/local/newtftpboot

Make the second directory the location of where you want those files. If that won’t work…someone that knows freepbx and asterisk better than me please speak up. I don’t want to suggest something that would break the system but that’s what I could think of to do.

You are probably safer going the kernel level “bind mount” way

It would cover tftp,http and https provisioning, and at a level where any higher level access will “never know” you changed it. Other directory locations can be done in “Advanced Settings” -> “Directory Layout”