Endpoint Manager - Can't set keys to XML-API

I am running the commercial endpoint manager and can get everything setup fine, but buttons that I have setup as xml-api, once they are set, I can’t change the value. I can change the type and then change value, and I can change the label, but if I set them back to xml-api, they go back to the old value and won’t change. Also, setting the 6739i Voicemail Button for my 6739, doesn’t work.

Please use more descriptive titles for your messages.

I have updated this one for you.

We need version numbers for CEPM and Browser/Version you are trying to use also.

Sorry about that, my CEPM version is, it’s been happening for the last few updates though. I have tried it with current Chrome, IE, and Firefox browsers.

Also, to clarify the name of the topic, I can change the button type to XML-API and I can change the label, I just can’t change the value. As it, I can’t change it from REST-Presence to REST-Voicemail.

It is still happening in I can make the change, but when I submit and the page refreshes, it reverts back, and the cfg file is not changed. All modules are up to date, REST-Apps are

It would help if a BUG TICKET was opened. Forums are not the place to expect developers to look for bugs. You say this has been going on for lots of releases but NO BUG TICKET is opened that I can find so it wont ever get fixed. Help us help you.

I will do that, I try to see if anyone else is having an issue before I create a ticket, I want to make sure it’s not just something I have tweaked. Shouldn’t be as it’s a stock setup.