EndPoint Manager Broken

We are using Cisco SPA504G phones with EPM, have been using this setup now for almost a year with out any issues.
We add phones and they would get provisioned without issue. Last week however We added some new phones to the system, same SPA504G and they simply was not provisioning at all.
We started doing some digging and fund that the spa504g.cfg file permission was different from the other files in the folder so we look at it and fund this strange address.

We also checked the xml files for the new phones and the existing phones and found that in the existing phones the addresses was correct but in the new phones they all had the same incorrect address as the cfg file did.
We corrected the address in both cfg and xml files and the phones was able to be provisioned like normal.

Each time a change is make to the phones using EPM it now uses that strange address.

We have tried rolling back and that did not make a difference.

endpoint: 13.0.98
Current Version 10.13.66-17

There have been recent improvements in both Endpoint and System Admin to allow the use of http/https credentials for provisioning. The provisioning URL you note is perfectly valid, and works for most phone manufacturers, but not Cisco aparently. I believe Cisco provisioning is fixed in the latest version of EPM which you can upgrade with:

fwconsole ma --edge upgrade endpoint
fwconsole r

If the URL format persists after upgrading and rebuilding your configs, you can also specify a “Custom” provisioning URL for your Cisco templates, instead of using the pre-formatted Internal/External provisioning URLs.

Did the update and it is working now.

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